By streamr team

Feb 9, 2024

What is streamr.ai?

What Streaming Channels and Apps will My Ad Show up on?

streamr is connected to all of your favorite premium Streaming Apps and Channels such as MAX, ESPN, Hulu, and thousands more.


How Does Targeting Work?

Your advertisement will be targeted to reach customers who are not only geographically close to your business but also across genres such as news, sports, entertainment, and food.

How Much Does Advertising with streamr Cost?

streamr does not charge any platform, subscription, extra user seat, or joining fees, so the budget users decide to set per campaign is the exact amount their account will be charged for.

There’s a minimum $250 campaign budget due to needing to cover the expenses of running the campaign across premium Streaming TV content.

Once the campaign has launched, you can increase your budget at any time, based on the results.

What is the Campaign Approval Process?

Once you hit “Launch My Commercial,” your campaign will be sent to the streamr approval team. The approval team will review the following:

The approval process can take at least one business day. streamr will email you when your campaign is approved and goes live. streamr prohibits advertising that includes the following:

How Long Will My Campaign Run?

The average Streaming TV campaign will run for 14 days. However, if streamr reaches your target customers sooner, we will notify you when the campaign ends. You can renew your campaign at any time.

If you want your campaign to run longer than 14 Days reach out to hello@streamr.ai with the desired date range.

How Does Campaign Reporting Work?

Advertisers will receive a report on how your campaign is performing via email. The report will include:

How Does ChatGPT AI Video Editing Work?

Hit "Edit with AI" at any time and you have full control over changing your advertisement's copy and photos used for each video frame.

AI Video Editing

Ready to Launch? Get Your Business on TV in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Need Help?

Reach our team via email: hello@streamr.ai

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