streamr ad spotlight: DAM Law Firm ⚖️

By Jonathan Moffie

May 13, 2024

Streaming TV Goal

DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo (DAM) Law Firm has been helping the community in and around Orange County, California for over 40 years. The Law Firm of experienced trial attorneys came to streamr to test expanding their reach into Streaming TV.

They wanted to see how granularly we could target and reach folks who may be entitled to worker's compensation.

streamr Solution

This campaign takes advantage of streamr's new "AI-Powered Audience Targeting." Let's walk through how it works.

Our AI scans your website and business profile and uses this context when generating a commercial to automatically target audiences relevant to your business.

Check it out in action for DAM Law Firm here:

DAM Law Firm AI Audience Targeting

Our AI has access to over 300 audience types! In addition to the above, we also added people watching Streaming TV who have looked for worker's compensation and law professionals previously.

Delivering ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

We also now automatically overlay a branded QR Code on your commercial to drive conversions for your business. We add this both as a lower 3rd throughout the video to give the viewer time to react and at the end of the video with a customized call-to-action.

DAM Law Firm is also using our IP Address Tracking Pixel. The tracking pixel measures who saw your ad on Streaming TV apps and then visited your website. It can also tell you whether or not they purchased a product if we add it to a checkout page.

It sounds complicated, but it’s easy to implement on your website. Right now, you need to reach out to if you want to use the tracking pixel for your campaign. We will make it self-service in the near future.

streamr results

DAM Law Firm's campaign has been live for less than a week and already has reached over 10,000 viewers on apps such as Samsung TV Plus, The Roku Channel, and Fubo.

Firm Partner Anthony Modarelli said, "streamr's ability to combine reach on premium TV with granular targeting of our audience is unmatched."

We will keep you posted on the campaign results. streamr’s core mission is to deliver more revenue for business owners than your campaign spend. Stay tuned!

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