streamr ad spotlight: Newport Auto Exchange

Newport Auto Exchange Harley Davidson

By Jonathan Moffie

Apr 5, 2024

Streaming TV Goal

Jonathan Italiano, the owner of Newport Auto Exchange in Youngstown, Ohio, came to with one simple question. "It’s almost riding season. Can you help me sell more Harleys?" Solution

streamr enabled Newport Auto Exchange to target both Streaming TV viewers who are in the market for a Harley Davidson and motorcycle enthusiasts generally.

By default, targets the 5 closest zip codes within 30 miles of your business. But the owner also wanted to reach potential customers in West Virginia who like to cross the border in search of a deal. It was an easy change to include both his target Zip Codes in Ohio and West Virginia. In the daily performance report we send him, Jon can see how many viewers they are reaching by Zip Code. We also visualize it with a handy heat map powered by Google Maps.

Google Maps Targeting by Zip Code

streamr Results

Jon called us ecstatic just two weeks into his campaign and told us Ed from West Virginia came into Newport and bought a Harley because he saw the ad on TV. Ed bought a Harley-Davidson Road King for $6,000+ and rode off into the sunset.

Ed Newport RoadKing

After reaching over 12,000 viewers across channels such as MotorTrend, Samsung TV Plus, and hundreds more delivered a 2300% return on ad spend (ROAS) for Newport Auto Exchange since they only spent $250. Newport is now gearing up to launch campaigns for their 5 other dealerships.

Check out Newport Auto Exchange airing during an auction of the best motorcycles of 2024 on MotorTrend via Samsung TV Plus. You can't get more contextually relevant than that!

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