streamr ad spotlight: Team Big Body

Team Big Bidy Ad with Custom QR Code

By Jonathan Moffie

Apr 19, 2024

Streaming TV Goal

Logan is a fitness coach with over a decade of experience helping people crush their goals. He challenged streamr to help him do the same by using Streaming TV to sell his training plans on

streamr Solution

Logan may have unknowingly achieved a TV industry first using streamr. He said, “Launching my ad was so easy I did it on my phone at the gym.”


Logan’s campaign is the first we launched that only has a website and no physical location. For e-commerce-only campaigns, we target a nationwide audience by default, but you can always change that to target Country, State, City, and Zip Code.

Cyborg Content

Logan has a great YouTube channel, so we couldn’t help but leverage our new “streamr creative services” team to build a great cyborg commercial for him – half built by humans, half generated by AI. The footage from his YouTube channel was paired with a Generative AI voiceover from ElevenLabs and a GenAI music track from

Check it out here:

Delivering ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

We are also automatically overlaying a branded QR Code on your commercial to drive conversions for your business. Check out the one made for Team Big Body:

Team Big Body Custom QR Code

The Team Big Body campaign is leveraging our new IP Address Tracking Pixel. The tracking pixel measures who saw your ad on Streaming TV apps and then visited your website. It will even tell you whether or not they purchased a product!

It sounds complicated, but it’s easy to implement on your website. Right now, you need to reach out to if you want to use the tracking pixel for your campaign. We will make it self-service in the near future.

streamr results

Logan’s campaign has been live for less than a week and already has a few QR Code scans nationwide. Also, the pixel didn’t go live until a few days into the campaign and shows 52 people visited his website after seeing the commercial!

We will keep you posted on Logan’s campaign results. streamr’s core mission is to deliver more revenue for small business owners than your campaign spend. Stay tuned!

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