Introducing streamr GenAI ♾️ | Ads will never be the same again!

The future of ads is infinite ♾️

By Jonathan Moffie

Jun 23, 2024

The old way of producing commercials is over. It's the dawn of a new era—an infinite era.

I wrote this after watching Dune: Part Two on my 17-hour journey back from Cannes, so I blame the jetlag for my grandiose writing.

That being said. We are very excited to introduce streamr GenAI ♾️! Take a look:

If you think the team watches too many sci-fi movies. Trust your instincts.

And yes, we are doing the arrogant AI company thing and using the infinity symbol in a product name. This feature is really cool, though!

With streamr GenAI ♾️, we automatically create and test an infinite number of ad variations to identify the best-performing creative for your campaign.

Once the best creative wins, your budget is automatically shifted to it. Ensuring you maximize the return on your hard-earned ad spend.

Infinite images, call-to-actions, voices, and music tracks…

And this is just version one of how streamr will use GenAI to evolve creative personalization.

We will continue to train GenAI creatives on business metadata and connect it with streaming audience segments to unlock the ability to personalize commercials on a per-user basis so the message resonates with each viewer’s specific interests.

These features are what really set GenAI apart from the traditional way of doing advertising. A/B testing creatives used to take tons of creative manpower to produce multiple variations of an ad and then manually set up the campaign with different targeting criteria for each version.

streamr GenAI ♾️ automates all of this end-to-end by using your business's context to automatically create variations targeted at contextually relevant audiences.

We are launching a few beta campaigns over the coming weeks before making streamr GenAI ♾️ generally available. Reach out to if you are interested in learning more!

With streamr GenAI ♾️. The future of ads is infinite.

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