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By Jonathan Moffie

Apr 20, 2024

I’m excited to announce! 🚀

streamr is the easiest way to advertise on Streaming TV. Our AI-powered ad platform generates video ads and launches them on Streaming TV apps such as Hulu, Samsung TV Plus, and thousands more in less than 2 minutes.

Problem streamr solves

Video ad creative is expensive. On average it costs $10,000+ to produce a commercial for TV.

Launching a Streaming TV ad is complicated. Setting up a campaign on most platforms takes teams of people with specialized skills.

streamr solution

We take the cost of video ad creation down to zero offering free GenAI ad creative for small and medium-sized businesses. Campaign setup, targeting, delivery, and reporting are all automated so it literally takes a small business owner less than 2 minutes to launch a campaign on Streaming TV.

streamr also provides the lowest minimum campaign spend starting at just $250 or $0.02 per view!

streamr serves SMBs

streamr customer testimonials
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streamr serves the 400M Global small and medium-sized businesses. Our mission is to deliver more revenue for small business owners than their campaign spend.

Some platforms claim to be built for small businesses, but they have dozens of complicated steps to launch a campaign and a high minimum spend. We have met with a lot of small business owners too busy running their day-to-day business to figure out a complicated ad tech setup.

We built streamr to actually be easy enough for a used Harley Davidson dealership in Ohio or a catering restaurant on Long Island to launch a Streaming TV campaign in less than 2 minutes. In fact, streamr is so easy, we definitely have the first customer who launched their TV commercial using a smartphone!

Never miss out on ad spend again

If you run a DSP, agency, or ads manager, you have experienced the pain of missing out on ad spend due to an advertiser not having ad creative.

In the case of Streaming TV, your sales team will convince a small business of the benefits of running an ad on TV, but then they are scared away by the $10,000+ sticker shock of producing a commercial.

Those days are over with! Never miss out on ad spend again by offering your advertisers Generative AI creatives. enables you to provide your customers with a white-label API solution so you own the branding.

Find out more about the “Create AI API” here and get in touch if interested.

The vision

Only 500 advertisers dominate TV spend, whereas 9 million advertise on search and social spending $300B+ per year. streamr enables millions of new businesses to advertise on TV by making it simple and affordable.

Want to learn more?

Visit, checkout our FAQ page, and our case study with AI Unicorn ElevenLabs.

You can also reach out to and my DM’s are always open.

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